Byron was born in Pontiac, Michigan. Byron's passion for serving with youth derives from the troubles and challenges he faced in his youth. Through secondary school he was "expected" to be expelled each year in school due to his behavior.  As Byron grew he later learned that his behavior was in part due to trauma and stress that had compiled over many years. Byron lost his father at the age of 3 and his brother was the youngest child in American history to be charged as an adult for murder in 1997.Byron was fortunate to have had a powerful voice for good in my life. Someone who saw past his antics and spoke words of encouragement and power in his life. She would say, "Byron, you have so much potential. We just need to find ways for you to use all of this energy you have in more constructive and creative ways. That voice was Byron's high school guidance counselor Ms. Beatrice Wright. 

Byron joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the summer of 2011 and served a church mission from 2014-2016. This experience help to better refine Byron's focus to serving youth and make that his life's work. In 2016, Byron began serving with AdviseMI and Americorps as a college adviser for Owendale-Gagetown Area Schools and Harbor Beach Community Schools. In March 2018, Byron was honored with the Ombudsman Award (Adviser of the Year), being recognized for his work to move the needle with college and career access, awarded by the Michigan College Access Network (MCAN). 

In June 2018, Byron moved to Provo, Utah and worked for Telos, a private boarding school and live-in facility for young boys. Byron served at Telos as a mentor and advocate, working closely with students, therapists, teachers and parents.

In July 2019, Byron was offered an opportunity to return to Harbor Beach Community Schools to fulfil a position as an education and career adviser for the school district and a public relations teacher in the high school. Byron currently serves in Harbor Beach.



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